Friday, October 15, 2010

Vietnamese love to eat dogs and cats

Dog eating is dying out in many other Asian countries: e.g. Taiwan, which today has very stringent laws against it and has just raised the fine levied on anyone charged with it. Hong Kong and Singapore (previously both were British colonies) outlawed it in the 1950's - but, in Hong Kong it was still going on in the rural areas in the 80's and early 90's - today it is virtually non-existent, and most Hong Kong Chinese are disgusted by it.
Korea is still a big problem, but there are wonderful local groups speaking out on behalf of the dogs.

Vietnam is a major dog-eating place, though traditionally (for what it’s worth) they do not torture the dog to death.
In addition, the Philippines has outlawed dog eating except for some tribal holidays - yes, it still goes on.....but its moving in the right direction.....I also would like to say that the push to stop dog eating in these Asian countries is driven by Asians, who feel exactly the same way about it as we do!

However, it's obviously something that is growing in China, it's very hard to know the exact number of dogs eaten, but it definitely must be in the many millions a year - maybe more. Still small if you consider that it is estimated that 556 million pigs are slaughtered every year in China.

The truth is many people in Vietnam eat dogs and cats and many people enjoy this food. Why do people choose to insult them? Many people in other countries, eat cows, pigs and chickens...... This is a fact.
Now there is huge issues relating to cruel treatment of livestock in some countries. Vietnam still has much to do in this area, and not just for the animals. If people learn more about the care of animals, improving their health, and living conditions. They will in turn generate more income from livestock and be able to invest in things such as the health and education of their own families.


  1. i want to throw up so bad how can people do this to animals they r sick people nasty!!!!!

  2. sick people , nothing humane here and the dogs have distemper and are riddled with disease, n wonder they are a mad breed ,

  3. This is absolutley apalling! It makes me feel sickm these people aren't human! Cats and Dogs are pets, not food!!!!

  4. Only a few wild humans can commit such atrocities !!!!
    And compare between them and who care and love dogs and cats , and these wilds persons!!!

  5. Look as that ugly animal looking bi*ch blow torches that cat? She really enjoys doing it. Those people have no feelings who participate in such activities. As an Asian American this offends me and my parents and my grand parents who come from China. Not all Chinese do such terrible things to animals. This is unacceptable behavior. I believe the USA is the best country in the world. Those people are sick.


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